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 Post subject: Newsletter preparation
PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:02 pm 

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Work in progress... (you're welcome to suggest improvements)
Note for Anand: pictures selected to be in the newsletter are available on Dropbox in the folder \Daglio\Daglio Archive\daglio pics newsletter.zip

General introduction

Dear Sahaj family,
We would like to inform you about one of the places close to our hearts that Mother has bought us.


Daglio is a little village in the mountains about 20 kms from Cabella. Shri Mataji visited this farm the first time in Daglio in 1992. She then bought the place and said that it has amazing vibrations. On many occasions she even said the same vibrations like are there like in the Himalaya’s.
The first years Daglio was mainly used for the musicians to go and sleep there. Also yogis were invited to sleep there when places where overcrowded at the hanger. The first children’s camp happened in the year 1995 and was organized by and for Austrian children. The year after the camp was open for children from all over the world. Since then Daglio children camp has been going on every year.
Every year Shri Mataji was very keen on seeing the children of the camp. So it was so organized that the (bigger) children could each one day go to the castle so they could help out with the ironing, cooking, serving, gardening, fruit picking,… for our Mother. We each year at the end of the camp went to Her with all the children to perform some songs, dance and to show the arts that the children had been making. Shri Mataji often emphasized to keep the Daglio place because of the importance of the camp to the children. We as the Daglio team, have seen many children grow deeper and we also experience it ourselves. We see the Daglio camp as a chance to give children who don't go to a Sahaj School, more possibility to create friendships with yogi children and to provide a few weeks of sahaj activity, creative activities and outdoor events.

(pictures of visits to mother)

Sometimes during the year Shri Mataji would go up to Daglio to have a picknick on the balcony where we usually have one of our arts activities. On one of those occasions she was enquiring about the safety of the place for the children, on another occasion she wanted a tour through the house and asked for what it is used during the camp and for what it could be used for in the future. Her divine attention could be felt during those camps.
Two years ago we had the ambition to improve the Daglio place so that it could be used for more purposes then only the Daglio Children’s camp. Because, we as organizers, enjoy the vibrations so much in this place. You become thoughtless, just by seeing the mountains. Therefor we would like that more people can enjoy this place.
So for that 2 things needed to be done:
- To fix the road so the building is easily accessible for normal cars: during the last 4 years - for the most dificult parts of the road – there is made a 3 meter wide proper concrete road. The total length of the road is about 700 meter. We have put around 250 meter of concrete road including one place where the road is 4 meter wide so cars can pass each other, in total….. was spend. More parts can be done in the future when money is available.
- we needed more water supply. Before, water would be collected during spring time and stored in a big tank till the summer camp. During summer, there would be very little to no water coming from the source.
We thought of installing a second tank which would cost us about 30000 euro. Than by Her grace works had to be done at the source in order to keep up the quality of the water. The improvements done on the source in the mountain made the water collection more efficient, this way it is possible to host an
event, thus using the water after which the tank will be filled again in a few days or weeks
to be ready for the next event.. . The works were only 6000 euro. So this year - for the first time - we are able to host more than one event in Daglio.
If you like to donate so we can do more improvements on the road, please sed your money to…….

Why do we have the Daglio Camp

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The water supply in Daglio

The area named “Lavaggio” was for century a field where the villagers cropped wheat but with no irrigation else from rain.

In the 70's they built the stable for goats, and they needed for this a lot of water. So they took it from a spring called “Arbio” on the mountain, in front of the place called “Nepcaia”, on the
road to Cosola. It is an old spring, where the villagers used to go and have a big community party in the summer season, bringing food...and wine, in the mountain, playing music, eating,
drinking and having fun.

The people of the farm placed a long pipe, around 4km, from the spring to the stable at the Lavaggio and provided the water. They built a very big tank, bigger than the one of the Daglio's village because of the large need of livestock.

When Mother bought the property in 1992, the situation of the spring was very bad because of lack of maintainance since many years. So, some SY volunteers with a villager named Giacinto went up on the mountain to restore the spring, carrying by hand all the materials such sand, concrete and tools for the last 1 km on a walk path. Even now one can see a swastika printed in the cement from those days. Giacinto for the last 20 years worked with us to do the maintenance of the pipe, every year, exchanging for his work the surplus of the full tank for his need of irrigation. For example every year some rodents like to eat the plastic of the pipe to create small holes from which the water bubbles over making them enjoy, and he fixes all these damages. In springtime he does the work and thanks to him we always had the tank filled for our needs.

In the last years we noticed that the spring was in very bad situation, not covered anymore, not safe from animals and also possible of being contaminated by rainwater. So with Giacinto and his son Mauro we decided
to restore it. In august, under the very hot sun, we worked together for a week, and they worked alone for another, to do a very huge job. The difference from the 1992's work was that Mauro owns a little bulldozer, but in order to allow to work at the spring in the mountain he built a road enlarging the walking path, and Giacinto carried all the materials as sand and cement - including a cement mixer - and a generator, all with a little mountain tractor over a very strong slope, around 30%. It was a tough work, in the heat, from morning to evening, like an epic adventure, but at the end we did two beautiful covered springs, with Shri Mataji's pictures set on the bottom, little well inspections, a fountain with a tap from which everyone can drink from. In the most drought season the spring gives 15 liters of water per hour, and it is a very good achievement.
Now we have the best spring water to drink, and I am very happy to remember when Shri Mataji asked about the water, in 2007, I told Her, “yes Mother, we have our own spring up in the mountain, by your grace” and She was pleased.



From Nicola's mail on 20/9/2011:

Recently our spring was giving less and less water to our supply. This September we conducted renovation works in the area of our spring. We made the spring to produce an average amount of 14 liters an hour of clear and safe mountain water, which is around four times more what it used to be. This will allow more and more activities to happen at the camp.

For more background & technical details: We wanted to secure the inlet of our line from any rain- or stream-water. The situation as we found was rather displeasing and inappropriate: the rising area (1 square meter c.ca) was covered with small concrete slabs, which had been previously carried up by hand. We built a mountain road to be able to climb up with the necessary engineering vehicles. on the site with the proper tools we conducted several sample inquiries and were able to find two resurgences. We fixed the original one, and sought for more waterdrops. Springs give drops one by one in this season. The work is hard but those rising which survive even in this season are the most secure and generous through the rest of the year. Once we conducted the clearings in each of the outlets, we built a convex dam (2 meters wide and 1.2 meters high) enclosing each of them. The basin is filled with gravel which filters the water coming out of the hill. the whole ditch is then covered by a nonvowen textile and half a meter of soil. On the bottom of each basin there is a catchment pipe. The three catchments lines from the respective springs converge into a settling tank where it purifies from lime and sand. The overflow line then runs to the camp. Last week, still before the rainy season, the enhanced spring gave an average amount of 14 liters an hour of clear and safe mountain water. Considering this is the most arid season, we estimate an yearly increase of water harvest of at least 200%.


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