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PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 12:29 am 
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Dear All,

Feel free to add below various suggestions of enhancements we can bring the the building of Daglio and immediate surroundings, or give your feedback regarding existing requests & solutions.

* * *

Here's a first idea to break the ice: collecting rain water, which we could use for washing floors & toilets, watering the (future) garden or other situations where we could spare the fresh water. Here's a link shared with us by our brother Edwin Hou from HK, which shows a rather simple way to build a smaller size tank: http://www.wikihow.com/Build-a-Rainwate ... ion-System

It doesn't seem too complicated or costly, so perhaps it's something we can do during this year's Pre-camp, or - if someone volunteers to lead this as an activity - it can even be realized during the main camp together with the older children & yuvas.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:06 pm 
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Full list of works for the 2013 Preparation Camp:

Narayan & Radu:
- first and foremost: empty the boys' dorm as much as possible, whatever we don't find a place for should be stored nicely and safely
- setting up the place for the camp itself: cleaning, setup kitchen, solar system, office, cut grass around house, cut grass for parking space, etc
- fit windows in a proper way in dorms and apartement bedrooms
- improve solar system: paint collectors black and fix patches in roof around it
- fix bathroom downstairs (requires a plumber)
- paint balconies with anti-rust paint
- paint meditation room
- empty the basement (French electrical kitchen parts?)
- empty and clean a specific room downstairs (the one with lots of Windows next to the basement) (possible activity room)
- install doors on rooms where a door is missing
- make a plan what the next step is improving the road. (ask advice to Giacinto if it is usefull to put earth/gravel on flat parts of the road)
- Rainwater Collector System (see previous post)

a) cleaning out the roof gutters and check for flow problems if any.
b) quite a large portion of our waste comes from the kitchen cut/offs and food left-overs, also cardboard and paper. In the past, neighboring land owners have complained when we dump decomposible stuff down their hill side, moving our volume down to the rubbish disposal is also quite something. Perhaps we can start this year with a proper compost heap. Also setting up a worm composting works well and breaks the stuff down faster in time, i.e. compost: 3-6 months, wormfarm: 6-8 weeks depending on amount of worm growth. I trust myself building any, Result would be lots of very useful compost, which can later be used for beautification of the compound, soil improvement, or small Daglio gardening. Compost stores well. What it needs is a place on our own plot to set it up, and some wire mesh to keep out any rats etc. (pigs..) Worm farming breaks down any compostable, even thick cardboard eventually goes well (boxes). Traditional Compost, simple worm farm, or drag and throw to the tip?.. I am all for saving garbage volume and eventually get something nice. We could even donate a nice flowering plant arrangement to Daglio village, for next to the collective well, next to the village entry, or near the little Maria Chapel. Something tangible for collective enjoyment by which they remember us well when we are again gone.

Works to be done during the 2013 Children Camp:

Proposed by Axel (could be done as part of the Maintenance activity for older boys):
- welding the railing of the terrace
- improving the electric installation
- repairing the solar system and installing a solar shower
- repairing broken chairs
- unclogging the wash basins
- etc. Suggestions what needs to be done are welcome. The children learn how things work and how to help yourself at home.

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