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PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:30 am 
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Dear All,

On the weekend of 5-6 January 2013, the Everbeek ashram in Belgium hosted a seminar for the Daglio enthusiasts interested to help with the organisation of this year's camp. Next to the guests 'on-site', we also had participants joining our meditations and discussions on-line. Please find below the minutes of the topics covered over the weekend.

Everbeek attendees: Nicola, R'ma, Radu, Narayana, Sander, Wannes, Nintya, Vira, Pimpernel, Anna
Skype attendees: Tuomo, Sari, Stefano, Anand, Benoit, Christina


Challenges faced:
- 2013 school holidays make it difficult to organize a 4-week camp (UK & parts of Germany go on holiday only on July 22, while other parts of Germany and Finland already start school on August 5, followed by most Nordic countries the week after)
- reduced availability of organizers this year (work or family responsibilities)
- a decrease in the number of children attending the last couple of years

Different scenarios were discussed and eventually the following was proposed:
[*]Exceptionally, this year we could have a mixed camp, boys and girls together. Narayana or Ezio will check with Robert if the Foundation can empty the second dorm for that purpose. If that is not possible, we will still have separate camps.
[*]To mitigate the extra challenges of a mixed camp, a preparatory camp will be organized for the first time, before the actual Children's Camp

The Children Camp, if mixed, will be between Monday 22 July and Saturday August 3 (after Guru Puja, during Arts Academy). If separate, the Girls camp will be first in that period, followed by the Boys camp from Monday August 5 to Sunday August 18.

The Preparatory Camp will take place the week before, from 13/14 July till Guru Puja and will be open to adults & yuva's. Among the benefits of the camp we hope to have:
- proper time to clean and arrange the camp for children's arrival
- possibility of doing more notable renovations, without the risk of hampering of being hampered by the schedule and other demands of the children's camp
- could be interesting for people who are not particularly interested in the Children's Camp, to get to know the place, while helping with some of the works
- a chance for the yuvas and adults who were going to the Arts Academy anyway, to still experience Daglio this year by at least being part of the preparations
- possibility of adults & yuvas' meeting(s) at a more relaxed hour (not after children go to bed) to go over practical details with the volunteers and gather ideas for the camp
- hopefully a first step towards the diversification of the camp types organized in Daglio


For the proper organization of the camp, as well as follow-up on the related ongoing projects (see posts below with the other items discussed during the seminar), it was decided that from now on should have Daglio (online) meetings on a monthly basis, on a first Friday of every month at 8 PM CET (unless communicated otherwise). Please pass this message on to anyone you know that might like to get involved in the camp organisation. And you can send us (via mail or private message here) their mail address, and we'll add them to the distribution list.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:31 am 
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It was mentioned that the current timetable may not allow us to have spontaneous and collective activities surrounding a specific main theme chosen for that particular camp. For instance a choir or a folk dance guided by a teacher that could be taught to all the children, as a main activity during the whole camp. All other activities can be organized around this main activity and spontaneously added depending on the ages and interests of the children.

As a way to make this stronger, Nicola suggested 1 block of activities (target activities) divided in different goals; for instance one block of rhythms, one block of music, one block of arts.

The collective conclusion was that the current structure could continue, but that aunties and uncles could discuss with each other about a way to direct their activities towards a collective goal or theme, so that it all nicely fits into the bigger picture on that year. Like for instance a collective play where everyone takes part in through a different activity: drama, music, art (backdrop or objects that could be used during the play), dance… Anything that could make that year memorable for both children and adults, because of accomplishing something new, somethings special.

For that, as well as any spontaneous activities, we can think of some collective things to make time for, for instance a choir or a play. And we should look for people who could give these activities and invite them to Daglio.

Other activity ideas for improving the camp experience:
- Maintenance activities in a way that it would attract children: making something nice as an end-project. (like the fountain at the palace of Shri Mataji which was made by the children of Daglio years ago, by collecting white stones in Cabella and yuva's sticking them together).
- Making a moveable altar for meditation room and havan place
- Bringing more and better sports activities (also thinking of all materials needed for this)
- Building a barbeque place (next tot he pizza oven)
- Creating an edition of the Daglio Newsletter (or other activity having as end result a product that can be used to promote the Daglio camp)

2013 Activities

Collective activity: choir (classical)
For this collective activity there will be 1 block of activities - for instance:
- group 1: Marie-Joelle (sopranos)
- group 2: Anand & Sander (altos)
- group 3: Kenny (bass)

+ extra trainings in between:
- voice training by Marie-Joelle
- technical information by Kenny
- stage training/appearance - Marie-Joelle/Anand
+ COLLECTIVE TRAININGS - singing all together..

In this way everyone will participate in the collective activity and the group will not be too big.
All other activities (dance, arts, archery..) will continue everyday in the 2nd block (after the collective activity).
--> Everyday there will be extra rehearsals for a group (one day for the sopranos, one day for the altos...etc.) and this rehearsal has priority to any other activity. For instance if you normally have dance in de 2nd block and the sopranos have to rehearse, you will have to rehearse instead of going to your normal activity.

- sports field should be clean
- making sure there are enough and worked out games
- materials should be in the cap or brought there
- a car to bring the materials to the field (water bottles, balls, pawns, buckets..)

Suggestions sport activities:
- team sports on the field: football, baseball, volleyball
- dance (folk)
- going to the waterfall
- flag game
- 2-day/3-day walk
- inside games: volleyball, table tennis..
- guru walk

Uncles and aunties
Radu to create a general task list and schedule for camp volunteers - to be presented in advance to the aunties and uncles (& older yuvas) helping in the camp:
--> a list with all duties so everyone can fill in when they can do what in the camp
--> aunties and uncles should know for themselves when they do what in the day and were they are expected or not
--> aunties and uncles should have a minimum awareness of what everyone is doing in the camp, and see where help is needed

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:31 am 
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- inquire for the costs of the floor + who will do it? Ask for price + see if possible or not. See with Duiglio the advantages/disadvantages of using wood or concrete in a place like Daglio
EDIT: A cost analysis was done by Nicola and discussed in a meeting the month after. You can read all about it in the dedicated topic.

- scrubbing off old paint in dorms + painting of two big dorms
- new beds & mattresses
- floor in the dorms (solutions against dust, if new floors will not be possible)
- free space in the smaller dorm to make it possible to have a mixed camp (see with the Foundations if a part, or all of Mother's presents & furniture stored in there, can be moved elsewhere)

Remove all rubbish from Daglio
- dorms
- basement
- area above the food storage room (which could be renovated into a nice activity room)
- clean the havan area behind girls dorm (stones, sharp things, other rubbish lying around)

SPRING WORKWEEK (a suggestion of Stefano, who discussed with other Italians the idea of a work camp around Easter maybe - dates to be confirmed)
- people needed with expertise that can help make improvements
- invite plumbers and if possible other experts

Renew showers:
- build a hot shower (instead of the one now)
- mirrors
- locks on the doors

Solar panels:
- fix the isolation behind the panels + paint it black

- bushes and grass must be trimmed
- road should be renewed (holes in the way)

SECURITY or blockage preventing things being taken away from daglio by other people (ADDED IN FEBRUARY):
- security cameras (would cost 400€ - suggestion that the Foundation pays half, in the scenario that the small dorm will continue to be used as storage for some of Mother's belongings)
- build a gate in the beginning of the road (Ezio to see with the mayor in Carrega)

- Fire extinguishers + a plan with all extinguishers present in the camp and in what place + manual for using
- Bring some furniture into daglio
- Stairs going downstairs should be made more safe (railing! + make them out of wood)
- make a barbeque place (next to pizza oven)
- Wall between meditation room and clay room should be wind (and sound) proof
- Fix roof in center hall
- Repair the broken windows (which may be the cause of dust and children coughing due to the cold blowing air, perhaps even more than the current floors)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:31 am 
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4A. Ambassadors

Nicola launched the idea of finding what we could call "Daglio Ambassadors". That is Daglio representatives for each country (or groups of countries, especially outside Europe), who could take care of the communication with the local collective, translating announcements when necessary, answering questions and/or simply server as point of contact between the camp organizers and the Yogis in the Sahaj collectives in and around their areas.

We'll probably open a separate topic on this, but you are already welcome to apply or suggest names by posting below.

4B. Newsletter

Another good way to promote the camp, would be to have a newsletter. It could be a quarterly or semestrial release, including impressions and stories from previous camps for children and parents less familiar with Daglio to have a preview of what to expect from the camp. It should also have articles of what we achieved, of the renovations made the past years (e.g.: cleaned the water source, repaired part of the road, etc), and the works still needed (e.g.: water tank roof, complete the road, new floors, roofs, etc).

Suggested approach:

First issue:
- template and layout: Anand
- images of the source+write: Nicola
- images of the oven: Nicola; write: Sander and Wannes
2nd newsletter:
- memoirs of first time Mother visited Daglio
- article about this weekend
3rd newsletter:
- impressions of Daglio (this or this link could be used for inspiration)
- stories when the girls went to see Shri Mataji
- quotes of Shri Mataji about Daglio
Other issues
- road development
- solar panels
- what is important to you in Daglio
- future plans: floor
- long term plans for Daglio
- improvidents during the camp of Stefano's collective
- music materials produced: see Soundcloud of Yeshevanta

Stefano would take care of the mailing list for the newsletter (TBC) and Radu could help coordinating the editing once the project starts (at least temporary, until a permanent coordinator is found).

4C. Through the Daglio website

Ideas for the website:
- Design a logo for Daglio (Anand)
- The Daglio video could be on the first page (or alternatively, the website could point by default to the Impressions page outside of registrations period)
- Pictures and/or video with Shri Mataji in Daglio uploaded on the site
- Donate Now link and/or update the Donation page
- More opportunities for those who want to help to contact the organizers

4D. Other ideas for fund raising and promoting Daglio

- Daglio T-shirt
- Daglio suncap (plain, with printed logo or hand painted)
- Daglio suncap (fully handmade)

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