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 Post subject: Why do we come to Daglio
PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:34 am 
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Dear All,

During the Everbeek Daglio seminar earlier this year, one of the discussion topics was "What attracts us so much to Daglio?", "What is it that motivates us to return again and again, that makes us want to spend our holidays there rather than elsewhere?". We've compiled here some of the answers given by the participants to the seminar, but you are most welcome to add your own feeling about it in this topic.

    - Community of the camps and being together and the deeper meaning that the camp has
    - The artistic activities are great to bring to the children and bring them together
    - Meeting people all over the world
    - Being among Sahaj people and children and being able to be yourself and talk about everything
    - Shri Mataji´s fixed attention on this place and that you can really feel this
    - Archery was one of my favourite activities
    - Great sense of collectivity
    - Only place where you have this sense of being together and enjoying
    - being together and preparing things and doing things together
    - Quoted Micha who once said Daglio camp is the same nice environment as in Dharamshala but even better because there´s no school. :)
    - It is all very joy giving and this gives you so much joy for the rest of the year because of the amount of vibrations that are there.
    - Feels like you really need to be there
    - Activities: would be nice to have activities like lino-cut or woodcarving
    - You feel a special kind of closeness of Mother
    - You open your heart to everyone in the camp and it´s feeling like a close family
    - It's wonderful to see how it brings out the nicest qualities in people
    - The humbling feeling of being part of something really great and pure in the same time
    - The beauty of the nature and the quality of vibrations which gives the opportunity to have very peaceful meditations
    - You could talk really openly with each other and you make so many friends
    - Favorite activity: sports
    - Feels that it´s very important for children who can´t go to Sahaj Schools to experience togetherness
    - Pre-camp sounds good so we can improve daglio a lot in one week
    - Three-day walk
    - You get to know many Sahaja Yogi´s from all over the world and you feel very connected to each other
    - things go very spontaneously and you get nice ideas to work together and to do things collectively – you get new ideas for activities and ways to express yourself
    - Children can enjoy the Sahaj environment and make new connections and friends for life
    - Through talks with experienced yogi´s, children (and aunties/uncles) learn to be more aware about their life and see new ways of dealing with things in their lives. They also see that there are more children in their age that deal with the same as themselves.
    - You feel all the time very much looked after by Mother
    - Community that doesn’t know each other in the beginning but become a collective and together you can do super things. This is very special.
    - You get a special kind of bond with people you didn´t know before and this bond stays this way.

While sharing these impressions, one collective conclusion was added: that it's very important to come for the whole duration of the camp, otherwise you can't experience the togetherness in the same way.

 Post subject: Re: From Hyacinth
PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:35 am 
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[Hyacinth's feedback - copied from previous forum - username will be updated once she makes an account over here]

For me, the answer comes during the camp: ah, this child has never been away from their computer for so long but with each day blossoms and appreciates nature... or, Mother please teach me to be tactful, loving and authoritative just as You have always been with us.

I strongly feel that as we are all Her children (young and old) have a responsibility to one another and to society at large, to be as dynamic, innocent and dharmic as possible to invoke mutual respect, inspiration, admiration and cooperation. The summer camp is an occasion to do this.

Inevitably the tremendous nourishing vibrations surrounding Daglio Camp confirm the necessity of this great happening, at a great time in the summer holidays, with great souls.

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