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 Post subject: New floors in Daglio
PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:56 am 
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Hi All,

This is a thread to present and discuss everything about the project of placing new floors in the two big dorms in Daglio.

I believe the idea was first raised during the previous Daglio camp, or even before, as a possible solution to reduce the amount of dust that develops sometimes, especially towards the end of the camp.

Nicola made a cost + pros/cons analysis and the options on the table were:

A. Concrete (massive construction):
Details: ~10cm think, reinforced and crack controlled, quartz sanded surface (ref. hangar in Albera)
Pros: work by professionals, waterproof, easy clean
Cons: hard artificial surface
Cost: €22/m² (incl.laying) => €9,900 for the ('girls') bigger dorm, €7,700 for the ('boys') smaller dorm

B. Wood (light construction):
Details: fir planks, 18cm wide, tongueand-groove joints, 2cm thick over 4 cm under-construction; planed and sanded wood surface, sealing varnish optional.
Pros (debatable): work by yogis, superior/natural aesthetics, material recycable
Cons: waterproofing needed, risk of noise, splinters, water infiltrations and even animals in the hollow chambers underneath
Cost: €14/m² (excl.laying,waterproofing?)=> €6,300 for the ('girls') bigger dorm, €4,900 for the ('boys') smaller dorm

Pros & cons valid for both approaches:
Pros: lifting the floor level will give the opportunity to better isolate the dorms against the draft that now easily blows under the big metal doors
Cons: steps or ramps will be needed at all exists (towards central hall, bathroom & outside)


On February 15 we had several calls and mails exchanges on the subject (participants: Ezio, Narayana, Nicola, Radu, Rma, Tuomo), with the following outcome:

1. Flooring choice

We chose concrete, due to the following disadvantages of wood:
- not strong enough for the Daglio abuses (strong winter, no supervision for long times in the year, possible water leaks, possibility for little animals to come in, scratches by metal beds or even children carving into it, etc)
- wood would be industrial wood anyway: quite rough - it would still not be so easy to clean, risk of splinters, etc
- risk of noise when walked on
- work by yogis also means many volunteers needed & long execution times (may not be completed in time), we could use the volunteers for many other (smaller) works which necessary as well
- the placement costs are 30% cheaper, but is compensated by the maintenance we'll have to do yearly afterwards, which will not only cost us money, but also a lot of time (plus the work hours for the laying phase are also not included as we count on volunteers, but even that might generate extra costs for us or the Foundation, if they are volunteers from the Castle + we may have to provide food for them)

2. New floors placement: Before this years' camp or later?

Currently we don't have the funds. It costs € 9,900 for one dorm and € 7700 for other, while we have a total budged of € 4000 for all pre-camp investments.

Current plan, assuming we won't receive notable donations before the camp:
- The existing € 4000 will be reserved for the renovation works to be done in the Pre-Camp
- The New Flooring project will be put on hold in the coming months so we can focus on the other preparations, but we should have a meeting on this subject on one of the evenings of the Pre-Camp. In that meeting, we should establish the level of priority as opposed to other major works needed, how to get the funds, etc. It was pointed out that the lack of concrete floors may not be the major factor in children coughing towards the end of the camp; it could also be the broken windows and day-night change of temperature causing it (a supporting argument is the fact that it's not specifically the children with asthma / dust-allergies getting notably worse, but it seems to affect different children at random).

Flexible planning approach:
- should things however change, and if we start getting notable donations, we can reassess each month, and if it looks like we may get enough money to do one dorm, we should move the meeting on New Flooring from the Pre-camp to an earlier date (probably a Skype meeting) to discuss the possibility of still doing the floor before this year's camp

3. Funding

With the profits we expect from the Children camp in its current format & participation from last years, it may take 5 to 10 years to save the money for this investment alone. And there are needs of similar value that are on the "to do" list as well, like completing the road, fully renovating the meditation room (with roof replacement) and others.

What can be done to be able to have the funds sooner:

a) First and foremost, we should do the necessary to revive the interest of children & parents in the camp (as last year we were way under the capacity). For that different initiatives were launched, like the idea of Daglio "Ambassadors", the Newsletter, or this forum. We need to communicate, especially to the newer yogis (and remind the others), what this camp represents, the importance of it according to Shri Mataji. And we as organizers should humbly do our best to live up to Mother's expectations for the camp.

b) After the renovations to the water source done in 2011, we now receive enough water to sustain more camps throughout the year. So we can promote the place and encourage yogis to feel comfortable to use the place for other purposes like:
- Arts & Music camp (unlike the Academy, where artists come to teach, Daglio could be a place where they could come to create in peace, in the middle of the nature and the beautiful vibrations of Daglio)
- Yuva Shakti camp (with activities more taylored on the 15-25 age group)
- Italian local collectives (or even others) could consider using the place should they want to have a seminar more in the middle of nature; or (ideally) a sort of "team building"-like event where part of the time would be spent with doing certain renovation works
- The Cabella School could even use the place for some special Nature Discovery classes; etc.

c) Donations. The restriction from the Foundation to have a fund raising campaign for Daglio has been lifted, so we can think again about that. A separate thread will be open to discuss that.

4. Other questions & suggestions

From Tuomo:
- can we use a strong paint for the floor (used in garage floors)?
- should we take out all the structures of the floor except the pilars?
- if we use concrete should we install the pipes for the floor heating (to be used in the future)?

Tuomo will come back with more details on the paint he had in mind (costs, benefits, etc) and then, together with the other questions, we can address them at the meeting during the Pre-camp (but if anybody wants to give their feedback earlier, they're welcome to do so by mail or other means).

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